Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Gift

I watched a mom this morning
Standing on our street
Her hand already empty
Her child was in his seat

She waved away the bus, and watched
It bounce around the corner
Then instantly the smile changed
From happy mom to mourner

"I hope he couldn't tell" she said
"I'm afraid to let him go,
His teacher's just so young this year!
What could she really know?"

"My son has allergies, you see
He's never been away
And now there's snacks and crafts and lunch
Will he be o.k. each day?"

"But I try to give him this one gift:
I show him I'm delighted
And hide my fear so he can be
Just happy and excited."

I saw them later, walking home
Her face, calm and relaxed
She stopped to show the teacher's note
Her son had just brought back

"I'm sure today was hard for you,
To have to trust a stranger
To send your precious child away
To a place so filled with danger"

But the place is also filled with love
And we'll work to keep him safe
Thank you for your precious gift
Thank you for your faith

I glanced down at her son and asked
"So how did you like school?"
His face lit up and he said "Just great!"
"My teacher is so cool!"

And as he skipped off down the street
She added one last thought
"I felt like I was falling,
Then I read that - and was caught"

"I thought letting go meant losing
But I didn't understand
In the end, you get a circle
If you all hold out your hand"

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  1. well, that just made me cry. ;)

  2. how wonderful! Love it.

    Kelly M

  3. I am sitting here bawling, but wow that was good! My little guy starts next week and I am sick with worry. To top it all off he injected himself with his Epi two days ago. He just started wearing his Epi in preparation for school. I want to keep him home with me. :-( I hope you don't mind if I share this..

    Thank you, Suz

  4. Ok I dare someone not to cry reading this....

  5. Of course I don't mind, Suz...hang in there. I hope your son is doing o.k. now.

    And thank you all for your comments. I have to admit...I cried a little writing it. There's just nothing harder than letting them go, but it is all worth it in the end.

  6. awww crap and I had managed not to cry today.............. 2 days down on Kindergarten and she is loving it Me not so much...


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