Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Food Allergy Herbal Formula-2 (FAHF-2) Laundry List

So in all the time I've been writing about our experience with FAHF-2, I have never done a comprehensive post with all the links/info I've found over the years. Consider the situation rectified! I'll add to this as I find new sources. If you have good ones, please feel free to add them to the comments as well.

My FAHF-2 Posts

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We're In

BTDT, Got the FAHF-2 Food Allergy Clinical Trial T-Shirt

Brief FAHF-2 Update

Halfway There...But the Second Half Is All Uphill

FAHF-2: The Holy Grail?

Waiting in the Wings for the Show to Begin

Other People's Experience With FA Chinese Herbal Treatment (from around the web)

Chinese pharmacy vs. through Dr. Li

For severe eczema/MRSA

New York Times article

For asthma (Vitality magazine)

An asthma patient's personal experience

Description of Dr. Li's treatment plan

Dr. Li profile (new patient appointments: Sharon Hamlin, at 212-241-1755)

Note: I received an email complaint that people were calling Dr. Li's office asking for FAHF-2 "because of something they read on the web." Technically, "FAHF-2" (and now BFAHF-2) are experimental drugs only available through clinical trials. However, they are based on a traditional Chinese herbal formula that Dr. Li does use in her practice. Also, my son does NOT see Dr. Li...our only experience with all of this has been through the clinical trial itself. 

What Is FAHF-2?

Patent application (contains all ingredients)

Phase 1 Clinical Trial Report (has very specific info about formula ingredients)

Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic

Page from Dr. Sicherer's book about Chinese herbal medicine

Breakdown of ingredients (see chart)

Wu Mei Wan (the traditional name of the treatment) - with pictures! 

Ling-Zhi (added to Wu Mei Wan formula for FAHF-2)

Very detailed breakdown with formula percentages (scroll down to "Chinese Herbals for Peanut Anaphylaxis" section)

Sourcing it yourself (article about ezcema natural treatment in Canada) NOTE: I am not recommending doing this  - simply providing a link

2012 AAAAI presentation summary (Allergy Notes)

Research Articles

Possible mechanism for how FAHF-2 works (added 8/23/2013)

Change in PBMCs (immune blood cells) seen in kids in FAHF-2 trial (added 8/23/2013)

Anti-inflammatory effects of the Chinese herbal formula FAHF-2 in experimental and human IBD.

Clinical safety of FAHF-2, and inhibitory effect on basophils from patients with food allergy – extended phase I study

Food allergy herbal formula 2 protection against peanut anaphylactic reaction is via inhibition of mast cells and basophils

Adherence to treatment (2014 AAAAI)


  1. Wow! You dug deep for a lot of info! Bravo! And, thank you!

  2. Thank you!! Love your blog - it is so great to have all of this in one place. Tapping my fingers waiting for the final results of the study your son participated in. I try not to get my hopes up but even if it just reduces the severity of the allergies, I would be so grateful to Dr. Li. Sure wish we lived in Dallas.

  3. Thanks for sharing your blog with us! And thank you to your son, he is so brave! My son is 5 year old and he is allergic to peanut, banana and some fruits. I am so stressed and worry about him will be eating the wrong foods at the school here is not supporting us at all...they will not help my son to do the epi shot even if it is an emergency. Do u know will Dr Li see client living outside of US. I am living in China and wonder if Dr Li have colleages doing smiliar treatment i can bring my son to see them. I personally believe in Chinese herbal medicine...but just have to find a good dr. Again, thank you! you are a great mom!
    From: Laura

  4. Laura, we do not see Dr. Li, but there are a few moms on my Facebook page who do. Perhaps you could touch base with one of them for more information? I believe Dr. Li is Chinese, so you might also just try calling her office and seeing if they can refer to you to someone reputable where you are.

    As all of us who have put a child in school know, a good teacher can make all the difference. Try to explain what you need to your child's teacher before school starts. Hopefully he or she can support you, even if the school administration will not.

  5. Thank you! Yes I will contact Dr Li and I will talk to the school again, hope the school can be supportive. We are living in Hong Kong and we got many herbal supplements for Ling Zhi and Wu Mei. I hope the FAHF2 is available in china too. So thankful I find your blog and feeling I'm not alone...becasue peanut allergy is not comment in Hong Kong, so not muct support I can get in here! Is your son need to eat peanuts everyday now to maintain the peanut tolerance?

  6. No, actually we were told that there was no protocol for keeping peanut in the diet for him. However, we have added all kinds of Chinese food options now and he eats foods with "may contain peanut" labels, so he's probably getting at least some peanut.

    We really have no idea what will happen with the peanut allergy at this point. I don't think anyone knows if the medication will remain protective. If this clinical trial is positive, I'm sure there will need to be several more trials to see how long the effects last and to measure whether the medication mitigates the severity of reactions.

    Good luck with the hunt for FAHF-2!

  7. Do you know where in Dallas the FAHF-2 trial is occurring?

  8. Supposedly Children's Hospital in Dallas:

    However, their trial may be dependent on whether *this* trial showed positive results, and I have not heard the report-out on this one yet.

    If I learn anything more, I'll let you know.

  9. Have the full results from the trial been published yet? I've been keeping an eye out, but I haven't been able to locate anything.

  10. No, we're all waiting to hear. We were told "summer", then "end of summer", and now it seems to be end of the year.

    The journal acceptance process is long and complex, so I'm sure they're just tied up in approvals and edits.

  11. Very eagerly awaiting the FAHF-2 results and best of luck to everyone going through this.

  12. Thank you for taking time to write this post... Keep up the good work.

  13. I came across this interview from March 2014. It mentions that the number of pills has been reduced (I think, FAB, you said your son was taking 30 pills daily...?) to 6-8 for adults and 1-2 for children. I assume this is to deal with the major compliance issues from the last run (less than 50% were able to remain fully compliant throughout the trial). Dr. Li also says they'll be doing a shorter safety trial with the new formula and then a 2-year trial without a placebo control. I don't know about you guys, but I was really excited to find this! I was starting to think the whole thing had been trashed since, as far as I know, they still haven't published.

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