Monday, June 25, 2012

Candycankillyouland: The Food Allergy Game


It's time to play CANDYCANKILLYOULAND: the (potentially) heart-stopping game for 1 out of 13 kids and their families!!!!!!!

Just choose a piece...doesn't matter which. They're all the same...although doctors all seem to have their favorites.

Ready to get started? Roll the genetic dice and take your first turn.

Oh, too bad! Tough first turn! Your kid's allergic and you're stuck here.

Well, gotta move on anyway.

Decide whether to make your house allergen free! But avoid the Swamp of Resentful Siblings...

Princess Frosting is having a party at the palace!'s Totally Toffee Tastic-themed... Go back 2 social squares

Wow! A mom who didn't turn white when you explained how to use the Epi-Pen! Stay on this square for a full 2-hour playdate!

OH NO! Reaction! Maybe...he's vomiting...but where are the hives? Did he EAT anything bad? Should you wait? Give Benedryl? Give an Epi-Pen? Call the doctor?
Make a only get 10 minutes on this square.

Enter the Gum Drop Preschool Forest. Children who land on this square must eat every. five. minutes or they turn to pixie dust

Choose your path: make a big deal or a little deal out of allergies? Too far and you'll reach Helicopter Mountain. Not far enough and it's the Allergy-Must-Be-Mild Mirage

Oops! Your school administrator likes to say "back in my day we didn't have allergies" and "every child can't have special treatment." Wait on this square every day with your heart in your mouth until the school day is over

"Why can't I move ahead with the other kids, Mom?" You've become the Ogre! Make your child skip all candy squares at school, Scouts, sports half-time and parties!

Choose your path again! Will it be Eating Disorderland for your little one? Crushing Anxiety City for you? No way to know which path is best/So take a turn and and make a guess!

The Room Committee decided on a safe-food Valentine's! Hooray! Stay on this square only if you can do so without crying openly in front of them.
You're starting to figure out the best path. Move ahead 3 squares

Grandma Nutt doesn't believe in allergies! BAD REACTION!! Back to Square One

These games can go on forever, can't they? And they're never any fun.

We play them, though, because we love our kids. We play, even when we know it's not a game.

What choice do we have?

Your turn.

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  1. You are so clever! Gotta love the moms who don't turn white when you explain the EpiPen to them. I try not to cry in their presence when they listen carefully and matter-of-factly take the medicine bag with a "don't worry".

    I never did like Grandma Nutt.


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