Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Food Allergy Public Service Announcements

You may have seen some of the new PSA-type graphics going around the various advocacy groups. This one is from the Arizona Food Allergy Alliance.

I'm not exactly sure what's going on here. I think most people would look at this and ask "there is no cure for eating?" Even if you assume people knows it's about food allergies, I can't figure out who the audience is supposed to be. Sadistic mothers who keep delicious bins of cookies on the kitchen counter that their allergic child cannot eat? Parents who don't supervise their kids during playdates?

Snark aside, though, I've seen a lot of these type of graphics floating around lately. Apparently the popularity of Pinterest has made it important to capture your message with an image and 10 words. So...in the interest of doing my part for Food Allergy Awareness Week, I offer my own public service announcements.


Designed for every friend or relative who's ever asked you why you don't just get "one of those pen/needle thingies", or whether you've heard that they've cured allergies.

Tired of your kid being left off the birthday list because "it's just too much hassle" to invite him or her? Now there's a special message you can send to the parent of the birthday child!

Ah, society moms. Their judgments are always so helpful. Walk a mile in my Clarks before you come knocking on my door, lady!

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  1. So sorry if this is way too forward and creepy, but I think I love you.

  2. LOVE the first one. You really *did* do that one just for me, huh? :)

    I think that I want that last one as a tee-shirt that I can wear to youth events.

    Another one that DH and I have both personally fantacized about:

    "My kid has a life-threatening, sudden-onset medical condition. What's YOUR excuse for being over-involved, hmmmm?"

  3. love love love.

  4. Love it! Thanks! (eliezrah from Twitter)

  5. bahahahahahahaha! Made my night!


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